Laughter really is the best medicine

What makes you laugh? How hard is it not to laugh when someone else starts? How often have you had a fit of the giggles that you couldn’t control? When did you last laugh? If I get a fit of the giggles I just can’t stop, random things make me laugh and laughing really does do you the world of good.

My youngest granddaughter is growing rapidly and I’m always delighted when she chuckles.  It’s such a gorgeous sound as her little face lights up with a smile and she beams from ear to ear,  she knows she is giving us pleasure.

Laura Allsworth

Of course once she grows up a bit she’ll probably start laughing at me, like my other two grandchildren do. They think I’m rather funny sometimes and love to have a joke at my expense, what else are grandparents for?

There is a saying “Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone” It’s hard to laugh when you’re down or depressed, the world can feel like a very lonely place. You may not have much to smile about right now and feel like telling me to shut up. Life may be giving you more tears than laughter. You wonder how everyone else can carry on when the bottom seems to have fallen out of your world.

There is a proverb in the Bible which says a cheerful heart is good medicine.  Jesus often said ” be of good cheer” . Cheerfulness can rub off on other people, and a cheerful face or smile can really brighten someone’s day. If you are feeling cheerful today share your joy with someone who isn’t. If you’re feeling low try to find someone else who is willing to encourage you with their cheerful heart, it really is good medicine.




About alicesapplesofgold

I'm a mother and grandmother, though not so old, and live in one of the most beautiful places in the country, Cornwall. fortunate enough to live by the sea I never want to be too far away from its sight and sound. I love music, words, painting, life, my family, my friends and most of all my faith. I live on the same roller coaster as everyone else but love to encourage others, support them when they're struggling and most of all want to have made a difference to the world by the time I leave it. I believe faith is an intimate part of everyday life and seek to relate the ordinary to the divine. It is the encouragement of others that has brought me to this point.
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4 Responses to Laughter really is the best medicine

  1. 🙄 …wonderful post..thank you!…it brought a smile to my own face!

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