On the way…..

A popular advertisement has the words”Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming” whispered and then repeated louder and louder as trucks full of a well known soft drink roll into town.

Reading my friends comments on Facebook there’s alot about preparation, shopping,  cooking, cleaning, wrapping presents and a million other things that folk are doing to get ready for Christmas.

Often women in their last few weeks of pregnancy get an urge to clean cupboards and get ready for the imminent arrival of their child/children. Nesting they call it. I wondered, as I was reading what people were up to,  what would be the most important thing we could do to be really ready for Christmas.

For these days just before Christmas day what are we focusing on? I wondered how Mary must have felt being forced to travel hundreds of miles on the back of a donkey. She didn’t have the luxury of a ready prepared nursery, or a home to clean and fuss around in. How weary did she feel as she struggled on and off the donkey with her swollen belly, did her back ache, did she wonder how she could carry on?

When she and Joseph reached their destination there was no comfy bed, no waiting midwife, no modern facilities. How desperate she must have felt as they sought shelter, frantic to lie down as her contractions began.

In the end all was well and the child was born safely. This special child, God come to earth, God in our midst.

So as we rush round in the frantic last few hours before shops close and turkeys are stuffed and sprouts prepared, just ask yourself are you really ready for the coming of this Jesus child, is your heart a place He could find a home this Christmas? The question is not are you really ready for  Christmas but are you ready for Christ?

With love



About alicesapplesofgold

I'm a mother and grandmother, though not so old, and live in one of the most beautiful places in the country, Cornwall. fortunate enough to live by the sea I never want to be too far away from its sight and sound. I love music, words, painting, life, my family, my friends and most of all my faith. I live on the same roller coaster as everyone else but love to encourage others, support them when they're struggling and most of all want to have made a difference to the world by the time I leave it. I believe faith is an intimate part of everyday life and seek to relate the ordinary to the divine. It is the encouragement of others that has brought me to this point.
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