Is it me you’re looking for?

So its the weekend again at long last. I’ve had a long and busy week, travelling to London for two days work, by Wednesday I had to think hard what day it actually was.

It’s good to be home in my warm house, by my cosy Rayburn in the kitchen with the sounds and smells familiar to me, with peace and quiet away from all the hustle and bustle of our capital city. Don’t get me wrong I love to go there sometimes but its always good to get home, where my heart is.

At the age of nine I was in hospital having my tonsils out. The hospital was only nine miles away but it might as well have been on another planet. I was dreadfully homesick and this was in the days long before parents were actively encouraged to stay with their children in hospital. I was very tearful and one night when I couldn’t stand it any longer I prayed.

In my own simple way I just asked Jesus to stop me feeling so homesick, to help me cope with being away from home and not being able to see my parents. Within a few minutes the tears subsided and I fell asleep in what felt like a warm glow. Amazingly the rest of my stay was fine, I coped really well and was soon home again.

I left home at eighteen, like so many of us do, to take up my nurse training and was terribly homesick, so much so I nearly abandoned my career before it had hardly begun.

I’ve never forgotten how I felt, I’ve had the same experience several times since of utter desolation at being away but over the years I’ve also learned to lean on God for my help and support. He promises never to leave us or forsake us wherever we are.

As a child my favourite Bible story was the parable of the lost sheep. I had a little book with pictures that illustrated the story, they are as clear in my mind now as they were then. The comfort I got from this story was that no matter how lost you were, Jesus would always know where you were and would come and take you home.

So He’s helped me with my homesickness, kept me safe when I’ve been away, but most importantly when I was spiritually lost He came and found me. He’s promised me that one day I shall go to my real home in heaven, He’s promised to prepare a place for me.

He’s still out there looking for the lost, the lonely and the frightened, the unloved and the unlovely. I love the words of an old hymn which say

Perverse and foolish oft I strayed, but yet in love He sought me,
And on His shoulder gently laid, and home, rejoicing, brought me

“And on His shoulder” …. what a lovely image, safe, snuggled in and carried.

If you’re looking for the way home, ask Jesus to come and find you and take you there. If you’re homesick ask Him to stay with you until you get home. If you’re too weary to walk He will carry you. Just ask.

With love



About alicesapplesofgold

I'm a mother and grandmother, though not so old, and live in one of the most beautiful places in the country, Cornwall. fortunate enough to live by the sea I never want to be too far away from its sight and sound. I love music, words, painting, life, my family, my friends and most of all my faith. I live on the same roller coaster as everyone else but love to encourage others, support them when they're struggling and most of all want to have made a difference to the world by the time I leave it. I believe faith is an intimate part of everyday life and seek to relate the ordinary to the divine. It is the encouragement of others that has brought me to this point.
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