Still waiting…..?

Following my last blog post I’ve been waiting some more and thought about all the times we do wait for something that we believe is really worth waiting for and how sometimes the best is saved till last.

Every year thousands of people queue for the Prom Concerts at the the Royal Albert Hall. The “prommers” stand out in all weathers for hours on end waiting for the chance to get in to see amazing concerts performed by world class orchestras and artists for a small price. Their endurance and camaraderie are legendary and I have a good friend who has been a faithful prommer for many years.

I was fortunate enough to visit the proms for the first time last year, something I’d waited to do for decades. We didn’t queue but had booked seats because I can’t stand for long. Having caught the bug I was determined to go again this year, particularly if one of my favourite works was being performed.

Delighted to find it was, I joined the online booking system and waited for the bookings to open this morning. Yet again I had to wait. Although from the comfort of my own home, I queued electronically for two hours waiting patiently for the chance to get tickets for this special event. Clearly much less arduous than it is for the faithful prommers but equally rewarding.

Happily I was rewarded in the end and have my tickets winging their way toward me. I thought about all those who have waited and waited for something they really want, something they believe is worth waiting for. All those who won’t compromise and hang on for the prize they seek, who wait in the face of opposition or ridicule, who don’t give up on their dreams despite the effort needed to hang on in there.

The list of characters from the Bible is endless, Abraham and Sarah waited for a son, Moses waited to see the Promised Land, David the shepherd boy waited for a kingdom to name but a few. People who waited for their dreams to come true.

By any other name that’s faith in action, faith in something we hope for but do not necessarily see. Faith like that swung into action when the wine ran out at a wedding feast. Jesus mother, trying to help the embarrassed host, pleaded with Jesus to do something. Eventually He performed His first miracle and turned water into wine.

The host, amazed at this incredible event, served his guests, who, delighted by a vintage tipple, asked their host why he had saved the best till last. We can wait and wait and wait and wonder why we keep going. When God finally shows up with the answer we wonder why He took so long but then often discover He has saved the best till last.

God waits for us too, waits and waits and waits for us to discover Him and His love for us, a love that waits patiently till we realise we need to come to Him. His patience is infinite and He’s in it for the long haul.

Don’t give up, hang on on there, I hope what you’re waiting for will be worth it and you will discover that the best has been saved till last.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

With love



About alicesapplesofgold

I'm a mother and grandmother, though not so old, and live in one of the most beautiful places in the country, Cornwall. fortunate enough to live by the sea I never want to be too far away from its sight and sound. I love music, words, painting, life, my family, my friends and most of all my faith. I live on the same roller coaster as everyone else but love to encourage others, support them when they're struggling and most of all want to have made a difference to the world by the time I leave it. I believe faith is an intimate part of everyday life and seek to relate the ordinary to the divine. It is the encouragement of others that has brought me to this point.
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